Unique Nordic tonic inspired and extracted from bitter roots and herbs.

  • ABSURT Tonic "Haven" & “Bær”

    ABSURT is distributed by Juuls Engros


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    The ABSURT Story

    It's all about the tonic

    So it's all about the tonic. Tonic is normally known as Gin’s best friend. Back in the old days it was based on Cinchona bark. Today by far the most tonics are based on quinine - the chemical element in cinchona, which gives tonics their special bitter note. And it is also the element that is effective against the malaria parasite. Quinine was up untill the 2nd World War the only effective cure for malaria, but since the mosquito threat is minimal in Europe, tonic has grown into a leisure drink and a partner in crime with gin.


    ABSURT challenges the tonic in its usual way. ABSURT delves into the bitterness and defines tonic as a unique drink and not just a sidekick. The Nordic nature is filled with bitter herbs and tasty spices and they define the backbone of ABSURT tonic.

    It's ideal on its own. Works perfectly as a mixer with your favourite spirit - gin is great, other spirits such as whisky and rum are magnificent too. ABSURT can also be the magic bitter/sweet ingredient which makes a cocktail or a mocktail stand out. And ABSURT is of course also the tonic to help you create the g&t with the unique personal twist. Enjoy!

    The "bitter" Boys

    Curiosity killed the cat...but it also made the tonic. In ABSURT three (less than) bitter men are found behind every tonic.

    Founders Morten, Peter and Jesper are friends through 25 years and have always shared interest in similar things. These have evolved through time. It used to be skipping school in order to hang out, play and listen to music, cook, eat and drink...

    The food and drinks have always been a mutual passion. And through wonderous and magical ways they all ended up doing something related to this. One as a microbiologist, one as a business developer in the food business and one as a teacher with great flair for communication, storytelling and visuals. But still it took more than 20 years to find the gap which ABSURT had to fill. ABSURT is a result of friendship, experiments, courage and curiosity. So maybe curiosity did kill the cat, but it has also made a unique tonic. We're proud to present ABSURT.


    You mix and impress



    Chuck some ice into a glass and pour 1 part ABSURT.

    If you have a shaker, shake it for an extra twist.

    Alcoholic drink go to 2

    Non-Alcoholic go to 3



    Add 2 parts of your favorite alcohol. Gin is great!

    But dark Rum, Rye Whisky or Bourbon is magnificent too...(but hold back on the ice)

    At this point you need to make a choice:

    Strong and short drink - go to 4

    if not continue to 3



    Choose your mixer.

    We prefer sparkling water.

    Some like soda or a dry tonic.

    Pour it and give it a quick stir.




    Here comes the easy part.

    Drink and enjoy.

    You're worth it.

    ABSURT likes you.

  • Recipes

    How to use the tonic is your choice...below we've added inspiration

    Virgin (non-alcoholic)

    Plain and simple; the tonic at it's roots

    • 1 part of tonic
    • 4 parts of water (sparkling)
    • (Optional) Add a couple of leaves og hibiscus for a fruity taste and a beautiful colour
    Mix it in a glass and add a few chunks of ice.
    Serve to Enjoy

    Valentine (non-alcoholic)

    Recipe by Christian Dyrvig Wendelboe

    It's about taste and look. We like to mix sweet with bitter and sour in order to hit the right spot. Sometimes alcohol adds an extra spark, but it's also truly a blessing to find the spark without.
    The bittersweet Absurt mixes elegantly with the sour lemon juice and sweet raspberry sirup. Shaken up with egg whites adds a sweet kiss to the lips while drinking.
    • 2 parts of Absurt
    • 2 parts of Lemon Juice
    • 2 parts of Raspberry Sirup
    • 2 parts of egg whites
    Shake all the ingredients hard with ice and serve up in a chilled martini glass.
    Serve to Enjoy.

    Classic G/T

    Ol' Skool with a twist

    • 2 cl of tonic
    • 4 cl of gin 
    • top up sparkling water
    • Garnish with fresh rosmary
    ABSURT Haven uses rosemary as a main flavour.
    Mix it in a glass and add a few chunks of ice, top up with sparkling water and garnish with fresh Rosemary.
    Serve to enjoy


    G/T with maximum flavour

    • 3 parts of tonic
    • 5 parts of gin
    • Garnish with orange peel
    ABSURT Haven contains szechuan pepper in a pretty heavy dose. This botanical has a distinct “orange” flavor. To bring out this element further try to combine it with an orange peel and an intensely flavoured gin.
    Shake gin and Absurt. Pour it in a glass filled with ice. Add orange peel.
    Serve to enjoy

    Bitter Dry Bubbles

    The fancy tonic

    • 1 part of tonic
    • 5 parts of cava or champagne (Brut)
    Even bubbles like it bitter! Think of the classic Hemmingway cocktail of champagne and Absinthe - Death in the afternoon.
    This one is a little less lethal. Pour bubbles over a small shot of Absurt. Serve in a chilled champagne glass.
    Serve to enjoy

    Dark and Bitter

    Rum n' Tonic

    • 2 parts of tonic
    • 4 parts of your favorite dark rum or bourbon
    • Add drops of Angostura Bitter
    There is no denying that ABSURT is both sweet and bitter. Play with the sweetness of Dark Rum or a heavy bourbon and the deep bitterness of ABSURT and Angostura bitters.
    Serve in a chilled glas with a single cube of ice.
    Serve to enjoy

    The Nordic connection

    Wormwood and Whisky

    • 2 parts of tonic
    • 4 parts of a Nordic whisky. Young Rye from Stauning is a great choice
    • A teaspoon Absinth
    Wormwood is the botanical that gives Absinth its distinct colour and flavor. Many Vermouths such as Noilly Prat uses this botanical as well. ABSURT uses wormwood for its bitter character and depth of flavour.
    Shake ABSURT and whisky with ice and a sprig of fresh rosemary.
    Wash a cold rocks glass with Absinth and place a couple of chunks of ice in the glass.
    Pour the icecold ABSURT/whisky combination into the glass (leave out the ice).
    Garnish with Rosemary (or fresh wormwood - but it can be hard to find)
    Serve to Enjoy.

    The Absurt Mare

    Recipe by Christian Dyrvig Wendelboe

    • 6 cl Gin Mare
    • 3 cl ABSURT
    • 1 cl lemon juice
    • 1 cl sugar syrup
    • 2 Rosemary twigs
    Shake it with ice and doublestrain it in a coupe glas
    Garnish with Rosemary
    Serve to Enjoy.


    Old and new enemies China, USA and Japan come together with Absurt to make a great neat cocktail

    The sherrycasks in the otherwise very tight japanese Yamazaki blends perfectly with the deep amber colour and dry notes of the chinese Ricewine. Absurt lends bitterness and Herbal tones.


    The sweet Riza bitters lends that ekstra spunk and American joviality to this drink.

    • 2,5 cl ABSURT
    • 5 cl Yamazaki 10yo whisky 
    • 2,5 cl chinese ricewine (if you are low on ricewine use a dry oloroso sherry)
    • 4 dashes of Strongwater sweet Riza bitters (Angostura could replace this)
    • Orangewheel
    Shake Absurt, whisky and ricewine with ice.
    Strain over fresh ice.
    Garnish with orangewheel
    Serve to Enjoy.

    Take me to church

    Cocktails are made to tickle the tastebuds. We strive to combine different elements in an attempt to every sip an experience.

    This cocktail is sinful forgiveness in a mouthful. Have one and you crave another. It contains quite a bit of alcohol, but the sirups sweeten it and hide the taste. On top you'll have heavenly foam from the egg white, almost like a bittersweet cloud.

    • 4 cl of Absurt
    • 8 cl of Gin
    • An egg white
    • Sparkling Water
    • 1 cl Black Currant Sirup
    • 1 cl fresh Lemon Juice
    • Drops of Angostura Bitter or Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit Bitter (snake in the clouds)
    Shake Absurt, Gin and egg white hard
    Fill a glass with ice and pour black currant sirup and lemon juice on top. Strain the shaker and top up with sparkling water. Finish with drops of bitter. Amen!
    Serve to Enjoy.

    Summertime...and the living is easy

    When one tonic is not enough, there's a way to solve it... Mix it with another tonic. "Summertime...and the living is easy" is a cocktail which we recommend for sunshine and jolly good times.

    • 4 cl of Absurt
    • 8 cl of gin
    • Hibiscus Tonic (we used Sweppes Premium Mixer)
    • Add drops of Angostura Orange Bitter (an orangewheel could replace it)
    Shake Absurt and gin with ice. Strain over fresh ice and top up Hibiscus Tonic. Add drops of bitter.
    Garnish with fresh raspberries.
    Serve to Enjoy.


    When we produced our Batch 007, we had to make our very own Martini James Bond Style... So we did. It might peel the skin from your teeth but we promise you, it's in a very tasty way.

    • 2 cl of Absurt
    • 8 cl of Gin
    • Dashes of Grand Marnier 
    Mix Absurt and Gin... Shaken, not stirred! Dash in the Grand Marnier.
    Strain it in a chilled martini glass. Rim the glass with a lemon peel and drop into the Absurtini.
    Serve to Enjoy.
  • Events

    Taste the Tonic!

    "Taste the Tonic"

    We also offer you the chance to taste the tonic. Below you'll find date and place, but guess what. It's also possible to book us for a private event. Why not Invite your friends, co-workers or family and serve them a unique tonic used in different cock- and mocktails. Contact us at info@absurt.dk for further details.


    Upcoming Events

    27.08.2019 - Emento (private Arrangement)



    Past Events

    08.07.2019 - NorthSide Festival (Workshop)

    07.07.2019 - NorthSide Festival

    06.07.2019 - NorthSide Festival

    09.11.2018 - Ginfestival - Egedal Gymnasium

    16.11.2018 - Aarhus Gin & Tonic Festival

    17.11.2018 - Aarhus Gin & Tonic Festival

    26.10.2018 - Bolig - Mad og Design Messe Odense

    27.10.2018 - Bolig - Mad og Design Messe Odense

    28.10.2018 - Bolig - Mad og Design Messe Odense

    13.10.2018 - "Verdens Største Ginsmagning"

    08.09.2018 - FooD Festival, Aarhus

    07.09.2018 - FooD Festival, Aarhus

    29.08.2018 - "Breaking the new" @ Copenhagen Cooking

    09.06 2018 - World Gin Day 2018, Odense

    01.06 2018 - Open by Night, Alliance Vin, Viborg

    25.5-26.5 2018 - Gin & cocktail festival, Politikens Hus, København

    18-20.03.2018 - FoodExpo, Herning

    16.03.2018 - Private Arrangement

    01.03.2018 - Bilka innovation. Closed event at Dansk Supermarked

    31.12.2017 - “Skafferiet”, Hinnerup

    30.12.2017 - “Vin og Vin”, Viborg

    29.12.2017 - "Vinpusheren, Højbjerg

    14.12.2017 - Private Arrangement

    1.12.2017 - “Skafferiet” , Hinnerup

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